Again, It Is A Great Time for Office Condo Purchase

Well, it is 2018 and once again office condos are being built in Jacksonville. These are the first ones built in this area since 2008. There are 16 new units being built on Greenland Road at the Greenland Road Office Center. There, are also 20 new units that are being considered at the intersection of New Berlin and Cedar Point Roads. Office condos are a great way to own rather than rent for your business and there is usually opportunity to grow within the complexes. Prices have started rising again and range from the $160k's to the $180k's. Now is the time to consider one for yourself or as an investment. The current vacancy rate in these type units is at an all time low. Call us today at 904-281-8100 and investigate your options. We also have several investment type units with good term tenants in place.

Posted By - Jim Akers - 04/12/2018

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