Again, It Is A Great Time for Office Condo Purchase

I always say that NOW is a good time to buy an office condo, but it is the truth. Just about any time is. There was the bubble where prices were unrealistically high, but that is long gone and the prices have stabilized where they were in 2003 and 2004. To the point that it is as cheap or cheaper to purchase as it is to lease. That is what we are seeing. More units are being purchased rather than leased. Why pay a landlord when you can be paying yourself and building equity?

Very few units have been constructed since 2007, when the decline came, so absorption has been strong. Inventories are low, so the rental rates came back quickly. The sales prices are on the rebound, but have not risen as quickly as the lease prices. Time is running out on the bargains. Most of the steals are gone, already converted to rental units.

Don't delay. Call the office and one of our associates will be happy to show you our listings.

Posted - 1 day ago

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